Sunday, May 10, 2009

Going into week 8 - Can I escape "morning sickness"?

Hi Friends and Family and Happy Mother's Day!

This past week has been pretty uneventful. I had my first doctor's appt. on Tuesday and it went very well. I didn't get to see the heart beat but they did some tests and asked lots of questions and I guess everything is as it should be this week. I have my first sonogram set up for two weeks from now and a second one set up two weeks after that.

Extreme tiredness and nausea are the two symptoms that stand out in my mind the most. I think I can only do about two hours of any activity at a time before I need to stop, rest, and lay my head down. This makes for a long day at work. Seriously I am absolutely spent by 11:00am and ready to go home at 1:00pm. All last week, I was laying in bed by 8:00pm. I haven't had the "morning sickness" but I have nausea all day. Nothing sounds good to eat and few things taste good. The only thing that I like eating are french fries, nachos, and fruit and vegetables. But I liked all these things before I was pregnant so I don't think they are cravings. The good thing about this is that this loss of appetite is helping me easily avoid Coca-Cola Classic and Coffee, which up until recently have been addictions of mine. I have heard from several people to eat something every couple hours so my stomach does not get too full or empty. I have been doing just that this past weekend and it seems to be working. If I haven't had morning sickness at this point, do you think I can avoid it?

I hope I will have pictures by next weekend. Steve is graduating from college next weekend so this is very exciting for us. I am so proud of him! He wants to go into business consulting and has been doing some networking with people up north. He plans to get out the military less than 2 years from now so we are pretty sure, we are officially Delawareans (which I am very happy about).

Our house is on the market and hasn't had much success. I think it is because of the current housing market and/or it is only a 2 bedroom. We also are in the process of putting a contingency offer on a house in Middletown Delaware. If all goes well, we will sell our house in the next couple months and they will start building our dream house in Middletown. I am trying not to stress about it because if it was meant to be, it will be. We will leave it in God's hands.

That pretty much wraps up the Hart household update. Looking forward to getting out of this first trimester so I can gain some energy back.

This is what is going on in my belly this next week:

Week Eight: Starts to practice moving

You are 8 weeks pregnant. (six weeks from conception)
The embryo is measures about 18 mm (3/4 inch) in length.
Their arms and legs are growing and location of the elbows and toes are visible..
The feet and hand buds have appeared.
Starts to practice moving (not felt by mom till week 20)
The stomach is being made from part of the gut.
The face is beginning to take shape.
Your baby's mouth and nostrils are starting to develop.
Teeth begin to develop under the gums.

The eyes can now be seen as small hollows on each side of the head.The arms and legs continue to develop - These limbs are stretching out more and more. Later on you will be feeling those feet and elbows up close and personal right in your bladder. The embryonic tail has almost disappeared. The pituitary gland is also forming and the embryo is beginning to grow muscle fibers. The heart has divided into the right and left chambers and is beating about 150 beats a minute which is about twice the rate of an adult. The baby's facial features are visible, including a mouth and tongue. The eyes have a retina and lens. The major muscle system is developed, and the baby starts to practice moving. The baby has its own blood type and the blood cells are produced by the liver now instead of the yolk sac.

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