Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Addisyn's first month

Addisyn's firth month in picture review....

The first week Addisyn came home from the hospital it was all about rest for me. Thank goodness my mom was here and she even joined in on the little cat naps with her newest granddaughter Addisyn.

Week two, Addisyn's Nana flew out from California and there was more love to share. Nana had a great time relaxing with Addisyn, forensic files marathons, and having evening cocktails with Steve. I was still in recovery mode and even more exhausted than the week prior. Addisyn had her first restaurant experience when we took Nana out to celebrate her birthday.

Week three Addisyn made her first road trip to Virginia to meet Aunt Kim and Aunt Kelly Jo and to spend more time with Grandpa Broadhurst. He had come to visit Addisyn the first week she was born but had to leave early because he caught a cold.

Addisyn is bringing so much joy to our home. She is settling in with the bedtime routine a little better now. She is very healthy and already growing so fast. Her smile is adorable and the other day Steve admitted to me that he too saw the dimple I claim she has. So cute!
P.S. I had a whole entire page written here and then it accidently got deleted :-( Unfortunately, no stories this time around.